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You can participate on HABN as a customer requiring blockchain services or as a Validator by getting the xHABN Label on a Validator as a Service (VASS) model.

Coporates / Startups

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Who needs HABX?

Explore how HABX works
Who needs HABX?

Proof of Authority

HABN Proof of Authority consensus model addresses enterprises’ common concerns of inefficient upgrade, transactions limits and waste of energy.

Computational Power

Under the PoA consensus model, no entity competes to validate blocks, preserving computation power.

Smart Contracts

HABN is controlled by smart contracts by taking into account the views of the stakeholders.

HABN Economic Model

HABN’s unique approach to its token economic model prevents HABX, HABN’s native token, to be subject to market speculation. HABN is a validator network for customers wanting to use or create their “own” permissioned-blockchain.

Customers perform blockchain transactions through API calls.

Blockchain transactions are all done through API calls. HABN offer packages in 3 tiers each having a set number of API calls customers can consume for a fixed price per month. The revenue are pooled for distribution after 500,000 blocks.


Validators earn HABX, the native currency of HABN, for blocks processed and is only used as an accounting currency by HABN. It is not traded anywhere.

HABX is burned

For every 500,000 blocks mined, the validators can burn the HABX they’ve been rewarded with in return for an HABX Share Certificate (HSC for short).

Pool Distribution

The pool may be in any currency and the administrative personnel of HABN converts all other currencies into ADA, the Cardano Native Currency to pay the validators pursuant to their HSCs. Please click here for more details.