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OpenEthereum is used to create high availability and faster blockchain systems which incorporate the role of miners, or validators (depending on the consensus algorithm) and creates a fast synchronisation mechanism.

HABN uses the OpenEthereum system to manage its Blockchain and employs the Authority Round consensus algorithm, which effectively makes it a Proof of Authority chain.

Authority Round uses a discrete step system to determine the amount of time after which a block is created. This also creates a turn-based system where each miner or validator node creates blocks. To allow for finality in the block creation process and for the better block synchronisation, blocks are created even if there are no transactions. This creates a more stable system for block creation and propagation.

AuRa requires a predefined list of validators to be set up in the genesis block. Any changes in the list will require a hard fork of the blockchain whereby all the existing validators will need to agree for the change. Each validator runs as Authority Nodes which actually sign each block created.’

Full description about API available soon.